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TS Vision

The solution that combines video, vehicle and driver data for use in incident analysis, insurance claims and health and safety initiatives.

Per year, accidents related to driving errors, fines and maintenance can cost a fleet millions. With TS Vision, customers can see which events and behaviors lead to an accident through visual evidence that reconstructs the scenes that precede the accident or the punctuated traffic violation. Information about events and travel data is captured through 2 cameras attached to the cabin, one facing the road and the other facing the driver, allowing simultaneous capture of video images of an event, without the risk of tampering.

Two external cameras can be added for monitoring outside a vehicle, capturing video images on the sides and / or rear of the vehicle. These cameras are serialized and dustproof and can be placed up to 25 meters away. Visual evidence can also be used to facilitate driver training, which has been proven to increase safer behavior and reduce driving-related accident rates along with losses.

Imaging Systems
  • 2 combined cameras for highway and driver

  • 2 external cameras (optional)

  • Online portal for viewing videos

  • HD video request

  • Remote event configuration

Infrastructure and Monitoring
  • 3G Communication

  • Infrared camera

  • Backup videos

  • Automated video streaming

  • Risk management

  • Incident analysis

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