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Automatic Control of Work Hours for Drivers

Paper is a thing of the past! Have you thought about Safety and Compliance with Brazilian Legislation? Workday Software makes this possible in an automated and easily integrated way with HR management systems. Monitor driving time and critical events on your driver's route. Calculate the payroll taking into account the statutory rest periods, overtime, nighttime bonuses, time off, holidays and allowances through a personalized calendar that is appropriate to the company's needs. Available in both solutions: TS Essential and TS Premium.

The complete workday control solution for your fleet

  • Dangerous Loads, Oil and Gas;

  • Construction and Mining

  • Transportation and logistics

  • Passenger transport

  • Distribution fleet (trucks and vans);

  • Light fleet (sales, services, inspectors, etc.);

  • Fleet of motorcycles;


Main benefits of the TS Jornada solution:

  • Automatic calculation of working hours;

  • Reporting of driving time violations;

  • End of the slip;

  • Automation of data loading for HR software;

  • No typos and rework;

  • Reduction of accidents due to drowsiness and fatigue.

Unique features of the application:

  • Calculation of hours of mandatory and weekly rest;

  • Calculation of additional night hours;

  • Lunch stop;

  • Driving time;

  • Calculation of overtime;

  • Easy integration with HR systems;

  • Calendar with allowances and vacations of the company and the driver;

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