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Premium Telemetry

Advanced telemetry solution,

total control over your fleet

Telemetry Premium is the complete solution for managing your fleet. Through this tool, TS customers increase control and reduce fleet idle and, consequently, fuel and maintenance expenses. The on-board computer reads the vehicles CAN bus and identifies the drivers' driving style. A scoring system allows management to work in order to reduce the number of accidents.

For the most demanding customers:

  • Charge transport;

  • Dangerous Loads, Oil and Gas;

  • Construction and Mining;

  • Passenger Transport;

Key Benefits of the Solution

Premium Telemetry:

  • Consumption reduction;

  • Maintenance cost reduction;

  • Reduction of labor liabilities;

  • Reduction of fleet idleness;

  • Accident reduction;

Advanced fleet management:
  • Drivers' score;

  • Control of stops;

  • Consumption control;

  • Management of drivers and vehicles;

  • Safe driving;

  • Workday management.

Exclusive Features:
  • Accurate CAN vehicle information;

  • Detailing according to second;

  • Programmable events;

  • Powerful web software for tablets and computers;

  • Smartphone and Android app;

  • Script for all truck / bus brands and various models of passenger vehicles;

  • Scania, Mercedes, Volkswagen / Man, Volvo and others

  • Light line from Volkswagen, Toyota, Renault and others

overview-obc cópia.png
Various accessories:
  • MiX Vision camera detects and records video of events.

  • Hybrid Satellite System;

  • Alcohol level meter;

  • Alphanumeric Keyboard (2 models);

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