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Essential Telemetry

Everything you need to know about your fleet

TS customers are able to reduce their spending by increasing control and reducing fleet idle. In addition, they are able to effectively manage the driving style of drivers, increasing the safety of their employees and partners.

The complete solution with the best cost benefit for your fleet

  • Distribution fleet (trucks and vans);

  • Light fleet (sales, services, inspectors, etc.);

  • Fleet of motorcycles;

Key Benefits of the Telemtria Essential solution:

  • Control of fines;

  • Round distance control;

  • Delivery control;

  • Visits control;

  • Maintenance cost reduction;

  • Reduction of labor liabilities;

  • Accident reduction

Exclusive Features:
  • Powerful web software for tablets and computers;

  • Smartphone and Android App:

  1. Driver identification

  2. Measurement of braking, acceleration and sharp turn

  3. Speed control by limit and by speed on the road

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