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We have the right solution for your company!

TS is a company that works to provide the best fleet control solutions.

TS's main objective is to provide its customers with easy, modern and intelligent solutions in Fleet Management, through the FM system / solution (Fleet Manager) that, using telemetry, allows greater control, monitoring and tracking of vehicles, machines , between others.

Ideal for measuring the performance of vehicles, machines and drivers / operators, as well as the safety and utilization and operation of the fleet, the FM system family allows essential information to be accessed remotely and in real time. New versions of the on-board computer have brought improvements, also allowing the company to monitor different parameters of each vehicle while also allowing a direct interface with the CAN Network, ensuring greater reliability and accuracy of the information.

Thus, in order to provide the customer with solutions to maximize profits, reduce accidents, ensure the safety of passengers and the property of third parties, TS offers its services with care and always thinking about the customer.

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